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Rongfa Group carries out the theme activity of "Love Dragon Boat Festival Dialogue Patriotism"
06-03-2019  | Hits
        Zongye fragrant, warm Dragon Boat Festival. On June 2, 2019, when the Dragon Boat Festival was approaching, Fusion Group organized more than 50 cadres, staff and family members to carry out the theme activity of "Love Dragon Boat Dialogue Patriotism", inheriting the excellent traditional Chinese culture, cultivating national feelings, carrying forward patriotism, inspiring mission, and striving for the construction of a happy, proud and aspiring new beautiful area for the military and civilian cadres.

  Inheriting the Dragon Boat Festival Culture and Maintaining the National Feelings

  This theme activity opened in a song of orange song by a child. While following the teacher to learn how to make zongzi, we also carried out talent performance and knowledge question-and-answer activities during the Dragon Boat Festival. Understanding Dragon Boat Festival customs, reciting patriotic poems, singing patriotic songs together, recalling the spirit of the sages, experiencing Festival folklore, and feeling the profound connotation of the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. The atmosphere at the event site was warm and pleasant.

  Red Gene Pass on from Generation to Generation

  The cadres, staff and their families visited the historical exhibition hall of the old barracks of Guzhenkou National Defense Education Base. Through the lecturer's explanations, viewing historical materials such as physical objects and pictures, we, especially teenagers, revisited the hard times of the revolutionary period and let the seeds of red genes be sown from heart to heart and passed on from generation to generation.

  Affection Helps Villages Visit Heart-warming People

  According to the unified arrangement of the Party Committee of the Group, cadres, workers and young representatives of their families came to the group's help village, Liu Jia Village, and sent dumplings full of deep friendship to the old party members, centenarians and elderly people living alone, and festival greetings and blessings for them. While bringing joy to the old people, it also carries forward the traditional virtues of respecting the old and filial piety.

  Rongfa Group actively guides cadres and staff members and their families to inherit the culture of their country, establish patriotism and carry forward traditional virtues by carrying out the theme activity of "Love Dragon Boat Festival Dialogue Patriotism", enhances the sense of belonging and happiness of cadres and staff members and their families, creates a cultural atmosphere of striving for progress, sunshine and positive energy, and strives to build a warm enterprise and build harmony by uniting forces. A new chapter of common civilization.