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Melting Development Group and Kaidu Investment Group Hold Summary Meeting of Work in the First Half of 2019
07-04-2019  | Hits

  On the morning of July 2, 2019, after the end of the special Party lesson on July 1, the Rongfa Group and Kaituo Group held a work summary meeting in the first half of 2019. Zhang Jinlou, secretary and chairman of the Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He comprehensively reviewed the work in the first half of 2019 and arranged for the deployment of key tasks in the second half of the year.

  The meeting pointed out that in the first half of 2019, under the strong leadership of the Management Committee of the New Area Industry Committee, the Medium Development Group and Kaidu Investment Group seized the opportunities for the reform and development of the new national-level zones, and, while actively undertaking the strategic task of promoting the new zones, accelerated market-oriented operation and maintained the momentum of fissile development. Through AA + enterprise external credit rating, the total assets reached 23.8 billion yuan, realized business income of 2 billion yuan, completed investment of 2.16 billion yuan, realized profits and taxes of 160 million yuan. Compared with the same period in 2018, the main economic indicators have achieved geometric double growth.

  In the first half of the year, the main work was carried out in six aspects:

  First, we will make every effort to tackle major projects with a total investment of about 80 billion yuan. In the key construction projects of Shandong Province, the main body of the first phase of the Marine Science Research Center of the Academy of Sciences was capped, and the maintenance base of special equipment in China (North) was put into use. The public venue library and Cultural Museum of the university town became the first project listed in the PPP project database of the Ministry of Finance in 2019. The core area of Wangtai New Kinetic Energy Industry Base was started in an all-round way. The renovation of Jiahe District started smoothly, and the Haichuang Rongyuan Doctor's Sam project has the conditions for use.

  Second, new breakthroughs have been made in market-oriented business. Strategic restructuring of the Penglai Jinglu shipbuilding industry has witnessed rapid development of the shipbuilding sector. Financing assets, real estate and international investment, supply chain, investment and purchase, China Europe Group, Hualu Company and other subsidiaries go hand in hand, and market-oriented business such as international trade, real estate development and asset management is growing.

  Third, the financing work is remarkable. Innovation of financing means, expansion of financing channels, a total of 10 billion yuan of credit granted by approved financial institutions, actively promote the issuance of bonds with a total amount of 10.4 billion yuan, which provides financial guarantee for the development and construction of new zones, the conversion of new and old momentum and the large-scale development of groups.

  Fourth, strategic cooperation continues to expand. At present, it has accumulated strategic cooperation with more than 40 state-owned enterprises, industry leaders and institutions, gathered more external superior resources, and laid a good foundation for the realization of "borrowing ships to sea".

  Fifth, the assessment and incentive are constantly improved. The labor competition of "innovation, entrepreneurship and creation" was carried out, and 35 collectives and 106 employees with outstanding work and contributions were commended. Start the "Monthly Star" evaluation and promulgate the "Assessment Measures for Engineering Projects and Project Managers" to encourage cadres and staff officers to start their own businesses.

  Sixthly, the brand of Party building should be upgraded in an all-round way. Taking the opportunity of correcting the feedback of the inspection team, we will build a brand of "sunshine melting, dedication, self" Party building, and condense the spirit of "passion, efficiency, innovation and win-win" enterprise, thus showing the new image and style of the enterprise to the outside world. Accumulated more than 20 honors at all levels in provinces, municipalities and new districts. Founding the enterprise interior magazine "Sunshine Fusion", the position and carrier of Party building culture are constantly enriched and improved.


  The meeting further clarified the group's future development strategy: with the goal of building a national first-class professional investment platform for civil-military integration, we should further promote the integration of resources, industrial agglomeration and capital operation, expand and strengthen the main body of government investment and market operation, and constantly enhance the ability of investment and financing, development and construction, and management of state-owned assets. Ability to actively serve the national strategy participants, pioneers in deep-ploughing regional development and construction, to promote the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and to serve as guarantees to improve people's livelihood.


  The meeting stressed that in order to ensure the smooth realization of the Group's future development strategy and annual work objectives, six aspects of work should be focused on in the second half of 2019. First, speed up market-oriented operation. Subsidiaries should broaden their business ideas according to the signed business objectives and responsibilities, ensure the completion of annual business objectives, and ensure that the overall strength and profitability of enterprises are improved simultaneously. Second, speed up the "investment war". To ensure that 78 infrastructure and social public welfare fixed assets investment projects and 20 self-supporting projects are undertaken, and the investment tasks are completed monthly, quarterly and annually. Third, accelerate the promotion of key projects. The major scientific research centre of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the public venues of the University town, the living area of the faculty and staff of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the core start-up area of Wangtai New Kinetic Energy Industrial Base, and the renovation of Yinjiahe District have completed the annual key tasks in an all-round way. Fourth, accelerate the pace of financial investment and capital operation. Promote new breakthroughs in bond issuance, strengthen capital operation and strengthen the overall strength of enterprises by means of enterprise mergers and acquisitions and equity participation in listed enterprises. Fifth, speed up the improvement of the performance appraisal system. We will implement a market-oriented performance appraisal mechanism in an all-round way to encourage cadres and staff to start their own businesses. Sixth, speed up the deepening of the party building brand building work. Actively carry out the cultural activities of Party building, strive for all kinds of honors at all levels, and further promote the brand of "sunshine melting, dedication and self" Party building. We should conscientiously rectify the feedback problems of the inspection team and promote both rectification and enterprise development. Undertake social responsibility, care for vulnerable groups and create a warm and emotional enterprise.


  The meeting calls on all cadres and workers, in the new stage of development and opening-up in the new area, under the strong leadership of the New Area Industry Committee Management Committee, to closely revolve around the development strategy of the new area, carry forward the spirit of the new area, establish a sense of benchmarking, bear in mind the mission of state-owned enterprises, seize the development opportunities, take advantage of the momentum, take the initiative, overcome difficulties, pioneer and innovate, and promote the rapid development of the group. Speed up, strengthen, excel and expand, and contribute wisdom and strength to the construction of beautiful New Area in a deeper level.